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Worldwide Shipping🔥Get Results or Your Money Back💴!

Worldwide Shipping🔥Get Results or Your Money Back💴!

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flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream

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Let's see the happy customers who tried flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream!

“I have super curly hair and I used to have to spend a lot of time detangling it every day before I went to work, and there were even a few times when I was almost late. One day my friend gave me this repair cream and after using it my hair was literally as smooth as silk! Detangling became a breeze and it stayed intact for the rest of the day. I feel all amazed, this product is a blessing for girls with curly hair, no need to worry about your hair anymore!”--Isabella Johnson

“In the past, my hair was always dry and split, and it was difficult to keep its shape no matter how much I tended to it. Every time I go out, people said I looked like I just woke up, and it frustrated me. But since I started using this repair cream, everything has changed! Now, my hair is incredibly smooth and silky, and my split end problem has been significantly reduced. I can finally leave my hair perfectly styled with confidence and I no longer have to worry about people saying I look like I just woke up when I go out. Thank you so much for this amazing hair smoother!”---Samantha Mitchell

flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream is a professional-grade hair care product that deeply repairs damaged hair through its highly effective collagen formula, adding strength and shine for healthy and beautiful hair. Whether your hair is severely damaged or has undergone frequent perming and coloring and styling, it can be fully conditioned and repaired from this straightening balm.

Why is hair frizzy and dry with split ends?

1.External environment:  Exposure to dry environments causes hair to lose moisture, solidify and dry out and become prone to tangling.
2.The wrong care:  The use of shampoo and hair care products containing alcohol, or the use of products that are not suitable for their hair type, may also lead to hair loss of moisture, become dry and rough.
3.Chemical treatments:  Chemical treatments such as hair colouring, perming and bronzing can damage the structure of the hair, causing it to become dry and prone to breakage.

How does flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream work?

flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream enriched with nourishing ingredients: collagen, glycerin and coconut oil. These ingredients penetrate into the hair to provide deep nourishment and repair damaged cuticles and scales. They help to strengthen and elasticize the hair, reducing the problem of easy breakage and split ends. At the same time, they repair damaged areas and make the hair stronger.

What makes the flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream special?

✅ Frizz-free hair

✅ Repaired strands

✅ Shine

✅ Healthy appearance

✅ Elasticity

✅ From fashion to hairstyle

✅ Clean hair appearance

✅ Hydrates hair and leaves it more moisturized

✅ Suitable for all hair types and styles


Collagen: Collagen is a protein that moisturizes and nourishes the hair. It can help improve hair's elasticity and shine, reducing dryness and breakage.

Glycerin: Glycerin is a natural humectant that helps maintain hair's moisture balance, prevents dryness and frizz, and adds softness and shine.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a natural hair care oil rich in fatty acids and nutrients like vitamin E. It penetrates the hair and provides nourishment to help repair damaged strands and prevent dehydration and split ends.

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Here are some of our Happy Customers

"Wow! Finally found a saviour for my curly hair! As a model, sorting out my hair every morning gives me a headache, my curls often don't match my outfits and those curls always make me lack confidence in my work, which makes me feel very inferior and sad. Once a famous hair stylist recommended this product to me, I tried this hair repair cream and I was simply amazed! Not only does it allow me to interpret fashionable outfits better, but it also keeps my hair looking beautiful throughout the day! Now I can finally perform fully with confidence!"---Emily Martinez

“I have always been plagued with heavy and dry hair, and every time I was misunderstood and teased that my hair looked like an uncombed haystack. I used flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream after my best friend's recommendation and now my hair is shiny and smooth, no longer frizzy and unmanageable like before. Now I always get compliments about my hair. This hair smoother is truly my savior.”---Victoria Scott

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flysmus™ Collagen Hair Repair Cream


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