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Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray

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Karen Clarkson shared her experiencs using the Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray

"I was hunting for an effective tongue spray when I came across my fissured tongue. After using this, my tongue has returned to normal texture, plus it also kills germs, so I feel like I've just gargled mouthwash! I normally do three or four sprays and hold it in my mouth for 30-60 seconds to ensure thoroughness!"

The Canada  Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray fills up the tongue gap in the mouth with moisture to stop germs from proliferating in huge quantities. Probiotics are abundant in the product, and substances are added to maintain the probiotics' health. 

What is Fissured Tongue?

Fissured tongue is a condition affecting the top surface of the tongue. There may also be small furrows or fissures across the surface, causing the tongue to have a wrinkled appearance. There may be one or more fissures of varying sizes and depths.

A fissured tongue can make it appear as though the tongue were split in half lengthwise. Sometimes there are multiple fissures as well. Your tongue may also appear cracked.

Clinically Proven

Our dentist surgeon creator was inspired to create Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray after realizing that many of his own patients were looking for a safe, all-natural alternative to standard treatments. Canada PolumnaTM Relief Spray has effectively treated the symptoms of fissured tongue in thousands of individuals for over 18 years.

How does Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray works?

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray is a probiotic spray that can instantaneously and continually adjust the pH of the tongue, destroying the conditions that allow bacteria to flourish. Portable germ kill CPC antibacterial spray helps to fight odor causing bacteria. Instantly freshens breath and leaves a taste of clean mint.

Your mouth is a unique ecosystem with a changing pH throughout the day based on what you eat and drink. Your mouth's pH will decrease if you eat or drink anything acidic, and vice versa. The Canada Polumna Fissured Tongue Relief Spray will assist in keeping the pH of the tongue and mouth at a neutral level. A tongue with fissures, a buildup of bacteria, and poor breath are all symptoms of an unbalanced pH balance.

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray contains oral probiotics, which are bacteria strains that support good oral health. Bacteria exist naturally in the mouth, and oral probiotics aid in the growth of healthy bacteria. This aids in the prevention of some dental problems caused by excessive amounts of dangerous bacteria in the mouth, such as fissured tongue or tooth rot.

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray is a spray that rapidly refreshes your breath. Freshens your breath instantly, leaving you with a clean mint flavor. Get the fresh breath without that alcohol burning sensation and sugary aftertaste.

    Scientifically Made With All Natural Ingredients

    • Manuka HoneyHoney's antibacterial properties flush out harmful bacteria. By fighting the bacteria, honey reduces the amount of acid your mouth produces.
    • Mint ExtractMint is especially oral-health friendly because it is naturally antimicrobial. 
    • Probiotics - people's mouths became less acidic and were acidic for a shorter time after eating. This means that there is a lower chance for that acid and fissured tongue build up.

    What makes Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray Special?

    •  Treatment for a fissured tongue
    •  Adjust the pH level of the tongue
    • Eliminate build up bacteria
    • Support good oral health
    • Freshens your breath instantly
    • Use in the morning and evening, spray three times each time

    Here are some of our happy customers

    "It hurts a lot when you have a fissured tongue, especially when you're eating. I'm glad I found this tongue relief spray. It really improved my tongue. No more cracked skin or soreness, and I've also found that my breathing has improved significantly. No more foul breath, which I attribute to the fissured tongue. This greatly boosted my confidence. Every meal, I can finally appreciate my food." - Gillian Wilson

    "My wife has been disturbed by my tongue and hasn't kissed me very much. I realize that it is due of this fissured tongue that causes foul breath. Fortunately, a buddy recommended this relief spray to me, and the results were incredible. It does help to improve the look of my tongue and eradicate bad breath. I can now kiss my wife more frequently!" - Karl Buckely

    How to use

    • Spray 3 times in tongue/mouth
    • Use in the morning and evening daily

    Package Includes

    Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray


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